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When the Oasis Coffee Company was established in 1985 our goal was to produce a coffee product

unique in flavor and taste. Our equipment and technology both imported from Italy helped to make

this goal a reality and today we are considered a leader in the industry.  Our Victoria coffee roasters were perfected in Italy with the assistance of the University of Bologna.  

Highlights about Oasis


We are proud to have been chosen by established roasters to do specialty products for them.
We have the ability to private label specialty coffees.
Roasting and Blending is one of the most important steps in making an exceptional cup of coffee.

We can guarantee consistency and quality in every cup because of the experience and technology in

our equipment.  Our roaster has a 100% perforated inner drum resulting in a convection that brings

out the highlights of each green bean without burning.  Leaving no bitter after taste on any dark or

light roasted coffee.

Flavors  - We developed a patent on the technique of flavoring coffee packages, which captures

full body flavor and rich aroma.  We flavor each package separately to insure absolute quality control.

Continuous Education  - We believe that education is the best tool in existence, employee training seminars - work with program.

Guaranteed Freshness  –  Our coffees are roasted on demand.

 Our Objectives

Versatile and On Time
Quality and Uniformity
Reliable and Dependable